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Are the movies we loved in our youth still any good? Find out with industry pros! Listen straight through, or pause the show and watch along with us if audience participation floats your boat. We won’t be able to hear you yelling about our wrong opinions, but we will read your reviews on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or your tweets! @LetsRewatch

May 4, 2018

Have you ever wanted a mullet, but just couldn't commit to the high-maintenance lifestyle? Do you wonder how a mega movie star like Nicholas Cage has the time to act in all those movies and still rock a mullet like it's 1989? Wonder no more, it's Con Air Conair, which is apparently a brand of hair dryers when you remove the space. This week we're joined by Sam Hurley of New Zealand's Movie Reviews in 20 Q's. And! Nick's mic get's haunted by the terrible audio monster for the second half of the episode, so be prepared!

Starring Nick Keller, Ash Blodgett, Bret Eagleston, Samantha Willson, and guest starring Sam Hurley @surleyham