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Are the movies we loved in our youth still any good? Find out with industry pros! Listen straight through, or pause the show and watch along with us if audience participation floats your boat. We won’t be able to hear you yelling about our wrong opinions, but we will read your reviews on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or your tweets! @LetsRewatch

Aug 28, 2015

This week we re-watch one of Nick's favorites - the John Landis classic An American Werewolf in London. Nick remembers loving it. Will he still love it? Will everybody else love it? Will you?

Starring Nick Keller, Ash Blodgett, Bret Eagleston, Samantha Willson and Bryce Poole

Aug 14, 2015

Ash offers, for your consideration, Jumanji (1995)! This movie was directed by Joe Johnston, stars Robin Williams and Kirsten Dunst, and seems to have had some impact on our childhoods. Some kids find an old board game, the challenges in the board game come to life, and Robin Williams does Robin Williams stuff. Will...