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Are the movies we loved in our youth still any good? Find out with industry pros! Listen straight through, or pause the show and watch along with us if audience participation floats your boat. We won’t be able to hear you yelling about our wrong opinions, but we will read your reviews on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or your tweets! @LetsRewatch

Jul 16, 2019

When a perfumed botanist and an Austrian with a heart of ice set out to take over the town of Gothamham, only one winged turdus migratorius (and his stronger, more skilled, billionaire sidekick) can stop their evil plot. That's right, we're watching Robin (Hood) & Batman: Prince of Thieves... Or something like that. This week we're joined by Geekly cofounders and stars of Greetings, Adventurers! (Drunks and Dragons @Dndpodcast) Tim Lanning @TimLanning and Jennifer Cheek @JenniferCheek!

Starring Ash Blodgett, Bret Eagleston, Samantha Willson, and Patrick Edwards